June 25, 2022

Penis Enlargement Products and Methods

Does penis enlargement works? Yes, it does. But no all methods are going to work equally. As you might noticed, there are herbal pills, exercises, pumps, enhancement supplements, devices, stretchers, belts, extenders, weights, creams, patches, herbal teas, even hypnosis and secret monks who will pray for your penis growth for one low 10$ US dollars payment.

Since its very sensitive topic and there isn’t any trusted source of information, the market is being used by unscrupulous marketing companies to produce fake products. These are the products that are being advertised through email (spam) and probably make half of your junk box content.

Get rid of them and read this website about all these methods and discover which one to trust and which to avoid.

Penis Enlargement Devices and Extenders

Enlargement devices also called extenders or stretches presents the most popular solution for penis enlargement. Penis extenders had borrowed that idea from ancient cultures, and initially adopted into medicine.

The basic theory is that when stress is applied to a specific body part over time, that region will slowly grow by stimulating new, bigger and stronger cells to regrow, this includes tissue cells as well, and applying this to penis will result in increase of volume and size.

These devices have been clinically tested to prove its effectiveness in enlarging penis on length and girth of penis. In this site you will find our reviews on couple of them.

For best results, one should wear the device for an average of six hours daily over duration of at least 3 months. This method is simple, effective, easy and most important medically supported. If you are looking to enlarge your penis through penis devices, don’t forget to check out our best devices reviews.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Your penis is made up of spongy reservoirs or spaces (erectile tissue chambers) known as corpora cavernosa. When your penis is aroused, blood pools within these chambers to produce an erection. Your current size is limited by how much blood it can store in the corpora cavernosa.

By taking penis pills, it will push blood into the erectile chambers of the penis during an erection. After some time, the increase in both the amount of flow and pressure of blood flow will cause the erectile chambers to expand, thereby creating a larger, fuller and stronger erection.

For penis enlargement to take place permanently, it is necessary to combine penis exercises in order to maximize gains. With the combination of exercises and intake of pills, penis gains will be optimize and permanent. When looking for penis pills, always beware of advertised miracle pills that promises to make your penis bigger overnight. We have made it easy for you by compiling the best penis pills. Please check out our ingredients reviews at  https://www.reviewssemenax.com/ingredients.html

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

The ancient Arabic civilizations placed great importance on penile dimensions. Young Arab teenagers were given lessons in the penis enlargement exercises known as Jelq, when they were finally reaching sexual maturity. This is to prepare for them for married. Natural penis enlargement exercises require only the use of your hands. It has been around for thousands of years. Your penis is made up of 2 big chambers known as corpora cavernosa, which are made up of a spongy tissue. This region of the penis fills with blood during an erection.

The theory behind penis exercise is that your penis is currently limited in size because your corpora cavernosa can only fill with so much blood. By doing penis exercises will train these tissues to allow more blood to store in the chambers during an erection, which results in longer and thicker penis.

You might want to consider joining an exercise program. Natural penis enlargement exercise program will include all the relevant sessions to aids in penis gains. Examples include a warm up, jelq session plus other exercises, and cool down routine Penile exercises are an effective method that guarantee to add permanent growth in a few months of regular practice. So far, this is one of the enlargement method with the nicest results and least risks. If you would like to know the best exercise programs, please check out our  reviews.

Penis Enlargement Patches

Transdermal patches is nothing new and have been used for delivering all sorts of medication – from nicotine to testosterone – for decades. The advantage of transdermal patches is that the nutrient is delivered directly to the bloodstream, instead of going to the digestive system with normal pills and the nutrient is released over a longer time duration.

This makes transdermal patches an effective and efficient way to deliver nutrients in controlled amounts in a consistent manner. If you read the sales blurb for penis enlargement patches closely, you will notice while most company which sell them claim that patches will bring about an increase in size, the focus on the sales pitch is usually on achieving this by making your erection larger, harder and improving sexual performance rather than on bringing about permanent growth.

So if you want to give your sex life a boost and also you are after permanent penis gains, make sure you also buy a penis enlargement exercise program or enlargement device and use them together for best gains. You might as well check out our patches reviews so as to guide you on the best patches out there.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Vacuum pumps were originally created to help men with impotence get an erection. Shortly thereafter vacuum pumps were marketed as penis enlargement pumps. The theory behind this is that by forcing blood into the penis through vacuum pressure, the penis will increase in size.

Penis increases by penis enlargement pumps is temporarily. This may sound reasonable in the beginning, but there’s a little more to it. If used incorrectly, it can cause damage to your penis, which unfortunately, most men most do. The dangers are that by overdoing it, you can seriously damage the cells in the penis internally. Blisters, busted veins or internal bleedings are common mishaps.

All these can result in scar tissue formation and in worst scenario, a permanently crooked or even impotency result. It is obviously not a safe enlargement method to try on.

Penis Enlargement Weights

Penis enlargement weight works by adding length to the penis by stretching through the hanging of weights. The theory is that by applying consistent tension and traction, the cells inside the penis muscle will receive microscopic tears and then hopefully divide and multiply.

Penis enlargement weights are perhaps the oldest method of enlargement, however there is no scientific basis of any enlargement that actually achieved or happened over numerous years. Hanging weights may help increase the length of a flaccid penis over time, but they do not enlarge thickness. There are a couple of caveats to penis stretching with weights.

It is extremely time consuming, to be effective; one has to use it for almost up to twelve hours daily, seven days a week. On the other hand, there are substantial risks. Weights can result in stretch marks, lesions and decreased sensation in the penis. Another thing, when you attach these weights by clamping something around the neck of the penis glands, this will results cuts off the critical blood supply to the penis for a long period, which eventually result in infection, tissue death, gangrene and even amputation. Weight hanging is definitely not a good solution for enlarging your penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis can be visually increased, usually by just over an inch with penis enlargement surgery. This increase is achieve by cutting the suspensory ligament (which elongates your penis), however due to safety reasons, most doctors are not willing to perform this procedure. After the surgery, weights or stretching devices are used for a few months to effect a permanent penis gain.

As with any form of surgery, potential risks in both psychological and physical is very high. The surgery may result in scar tissue, damage to surrounding tissues and neves that reduces the overall effect. Penis surgery is expensive and may result in serious complications. Penis surgery should be your last alternative. Keep that in mind, no surgical procedure should ever be performed at your home or without a qualified medical professional.

Penis Enlargement Hypnosis

Penis enlargement hypnosis works on the sub-conscious mind programming by clearing away any inner blocks that is causing a person from growing to the size he desired. You can do penis enlargement hypnosis by engaging the services of a qualified hypnotist or purchasing CDs online from qualified hypnotist and do it yourself.

Until now, there are not conclusive or solid evidences to prove that penis enlargement hypnosis does work to increase penis size. Although it does work to overcome stress, reduce weight, there are just not enough medically backing to prove it increase penis just by listening to the audio. If you are serious about enlarging your penis, it is best to work with something that is medically proven such as traction device.

Penis Enlargement Creams And Liquids

For years, advertisements have been popping up for creams or liquids that claim can enlarge your penis with regular use. However, there is no scientific evidence to demonstrate that it does work to increase penis size. All it can do is to increase blood flow in the area and can do nothing on their own to stimulate actual penis enlargement.

So the next time, you receive any spam email or see any advertisement on the web that claim can increase your penis size, simply ignore it. If you want to enlarge your penis, you should go for medically backed methods instead of wasting your precious time and money on something that may not work in the first place.

Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe and achieving a bigger and longer penis is possible as long as you use quality products and avoid the dangerous or unproven techniques that we have mentioned above. One product that you might consider is SizeGenetics System. It has the strongest backing from medically professionals and currently the best enlargement system on the market. It combines medically backed traction device with its doctor endorsed, award winning #1 Penis Health exercise program to maximize your gains.